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ActiveX® technology for the Clearpath from the developers of Open/A®...

ActiveX® is cutting-edge technology that is supported by a large number of the most popular development platforms and applications. Its flexibility and ease of use allows for application development at speeds not obtainable from other technologies. The Asgard Connectivity Suite is a set of ActiveX® controls specifically designed to meet the needs of Unisys® Clearpath users and programmers. The suite consists of a T27 Emulation ActiveX® control, a file transfer ActiveX® control, a TCP/IP communications ActiveX® control, and a T27 printer ActiveX® control. Both 16 and 32 bit controls are available. They connect directly to the Clearpath with no gateway required, and allow for all communications parameters to be configured easily through control properties. Included are online help files, Delphi examples, Visual Basic examples, Microsoft C++ examples, HTML examples, and pre-packaged files for downloading from the Internet/Intranet. Additionally, all of the controls work with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, Access, and many other programming environments.

The T27 Emulation ActiveX® control is a full featured emulator. The control provides asynchronous TCP/IP operation, with your choice of ComSock or Unisys protocols, and optional persistent connections which allow the connection to stay open when the application exits. It drops into Internet Explorer and Netscape with no additional software needed. Configuration, keyboard maps, and scripts may be loaded from local files or remote files on the Internet/Intranet. Additionally, it supports programmable keys, imports other popular emulator keyboard maps, contains an optional built-in status bar, and performs high quality color printing.

By providing built-in configuration dialog boxes and more than 200 methods, properties, and events, this control provides for total programming flexibility and fast application development. Support for mouse navigation through forms screens, clipboard support, OLE drag and drop support, optional automatic font sizing, truetype font support, and the ability to run JavaScript or VBScript under the control of your application will maximize productivity.

The Clearpath File Transfer ActiveX® control provides fast asynchronous file transfers to and from the Clearpath. It supports text, binary, code, and compiler file transfers, and allows reading and setting of appropriate Clearpath attributes. More than 50 methods, properties, and events , full support for Clearpath security, and asynchronous operation make this control a powerful programming tool. For increased performance, the Clearpath server component is written in DCALGOL.

The TCP/IP Communications ActiveX® control provides for asynchronous TCP/IP operation, with your choice of raw, ComSock, or Unisys® protocols. It supports client and server communications and its optional persistent connections allow the connection to stay open when your application exits. It contains more than 20 methods, properties, and events.

The T27 Printer ActiveX® control allows you to customize high quality pass-through printing. It also provides asynchronous TCP/IP operation, with your choice of ComSock or Unisys® protocols. It contains more than 50 methods, properties, and events.

"The Asgard Connectivity Suite™ not only replaced our current emulator, but allowed us to do many things that were previously impossible."

Scott Rizza
Lead Programmer/Analyst
Colonial Management Associates

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